Monday, November 21, 2011

Mum Of One

Baby I Promise

Absolutely snowed under with work at the moment so its a flying visit from me over to the lovely Mum Of One to make my promise of the week.

Waves to all the regular promisers!

Last week I tried to help my middle son with his choices ready for when he leaves school and then I find out his school has just been put in special measures & one of the reasons being a failing 6th form...argh...that did not please me!Big meeting at the school tomorrow so I will see what comes of that!Grr!

This weeks promise goes to all my boys and it is...

This week boys I'm going to be enthusiastic about Christmas! Yep,singing jingle bells,discussing pressies,I'm going to be as chilled as a penguin when discussing the Christmas word with you!

Don't I just love setting myself up on these promises!

Pop over to Mum Of One   and see what everybody else is promising this week


  1. Ha ha, great promise! Hope you have a good week. "Deck the halls.....tralalalala" xxx

  2. Ooh food luck with that one, I am struggling with the whole festive thing at the moment!

  3. I'm having a getting ready for Christmas week as well. I'm planning on having everything sorted by next weekend. Yep, it will happen, oh yes, no problem...