Friday, November 18, 2011


Fiction Friday #2: Mrs Pepperpot Stories

'' There once was an old woman who went to bed at night as old women usually do,and in the morning she woke up as old women usually do.''

This is a book that my youngest sons Nana bought him a couple of years ago and he is making asking me to read to him.Hmm!

Linking up with @homedad Wonder what other books everybody else has been reading?


  1. OMG that brings back memories. I used to love this book. May have to get it for Beanie!

  2. It's driving me mad tho!Its got over 450 pages in it,small writing & it's soo hard to hold & read!Chipmunk loves it tho,so what else can I do!Yes get it for Beanie!I dare you!