Saturday, November 12, 2011

You Get The Picture

Ooh a new meme!

And it's a good un :-) 

I love young Chatty Baby and now the clever young thing has gone and created her own meme!

So clever for one so young I feel! 

Anyway this is something I haven't seen before,it's a drawing/creative post where you can post your children's drawings. 

Now I adore children's artwork so I will love looking at this! 

My entry is a firework drawing that my littlest boy and me did at Bonfire Night.

I drew me and my son drew himself and we both did lots of lovely fireworks.

It's stuck on my kitchen door so I can see it because it makes me smile.

Go and visit Chatty Baby  to see what other budding artists have been drawing this week


  1. It's beautiful! I'm assuming your son is the one in orange, and if so, that's great! Love all the shapes of the fireworks.

    Thanks so much for joining in - you're my first entry!