Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Midweek Splashes & Dashes

Midweek Splashes & Dashes

Hello :-) 

Its been a busy week here and Chipmunk for one is tired, actually so am I!

On Monday it was computer club for Chipmunk. Although he loves this,it does tire him out and he greeted me with these words as I met him from school on Monday

'' Get me home ''

I think that said it all!

He did make a super calendar tho,which he is very proud of.

Personally I think the after school clubs tire him out too much,I'm glad its only for 3 weeks this time.

We are not going swimming tomorrow because I m still not convinced his ear has healed and the fact that he is not protesting more makes me even more certain!

No homework has been done this week,hes just too tired.

He has done great reading tonight though.

Sharky has been busy with his maths homework,nice to see him trying

And Tiger is plodding on as normal.

And that's about it

At the moment tiredness rules the house!

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