Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Teen Tuesday

Teen Tuesday

This is something I have thought about for ages.
 Somewhere to save the memories of those two teens of mine!

I know lots of people moan about teens but in general mine make me laugh!

 So every Tuesday I'm going to talk about the things teens seem to do
    Hopefully it will make to make them smirk when they are older


And today I'm going to talk about cups

Now when you have teens you find your cups in terrible states!
That's if you even find the cups in the first place!

They seem to disappear up into the bedrooms and all of a sudden you realise there are no cups in the cupboards so you go to collect.

This is not a job to be taken with a faint heart

The said cups are usually found on window sills
Where they have been left for days in the heat of the sun

All the tea at the bottom of the cup is stuck and dried on.

Its horrible.

Its full of germs and probably a health risk. 

To clean such cups you need boiling water,lots of fairy liquid and lots of Dettox!

Oh and they probably need washing a few times before you feel they are safe for humans to drink out of again.

One of the beauty of teens

Jess x

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