Monday, November 14, 2011

Zipper De Do Da

This morning was the typical Monday morning rush,I was just getting ready upstairs and Chipmunk had gone downstairs to put his coat & shoes on.

As I walked down the stairs I could not believe what I was seeing...he had zipped his own coat up!

For many people this may not be that amazing but to me it was pure magic.

We have tried for ages to learn how to zip coats.

I have brought so many different coats in the hope that Chipmunk would be able to zip them and all to no avail.

Then along came the big blue coat.
And all of a sudden Chipmunk is zipping!

And he is sooo proud!

He was beaming when I saw what he had done and so was I!

He did want to be independent all along but just didn't have the skills needed to do zips.

He does now tho!!!

And we are fantastically pleased about it!

14th November 2011 ~ coat zipped up day!

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