Friday, November 11, 2011


Found a new meme that's right up my street,its called Fiction Fridays and its over at @homedad

What you have to do is choose a book that you and your youngster have enjoyed this week,post a photo and write the first line of the book.Then link up to see what other books everybody is reading.


The book I have chose this week is a old one of ours that my youngest has re read time and time again this week,its called Smidge
This is Smidge, Smidge likes to eat...a lot!
This book has been a favourite for a long time,its full of pictures of sweets and the words are really funny eg
gorgeous,shmorgeous,quisquilious,hyper fizzy,round and whizzy,chunky,mega-funky...big ones...

Try saying that in a hurry :-)

Pop over to Fiction Friday to see what everybody else has been reading this week

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