Monday, November 14, 2011

Mum Of One

Baby I Promise
Well last week I promised to put new toys in my youngest boys toy box.
 This was a success, he loved it and noticed them as soon as he came home from school.
Words like;

'' Cool''  '' When can I play''  ''Yeeees'' were heard!
We spent a good hour playing with a Roary toy and he loves the marble game.
It is a definite hit!

I'm still doing the healthy eating promise from the week before last and driving myself mad with it!
So I need to think carefully about what promise I torment myself with this week!
And the funny thing is that I think of you fellow promisers when I'm carrying these promises out.
Madness eh!

So this weeks promise is going to be to my middle son who's doing his GCSE at the moment.
I want him to try college next year,he wants to stay on at school
I promise to look into what options are available at school and college and to help you choose wisely
So there we have it and you know me once I have made a promise I have to stick to it!
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  1. Oh brilliant. I love hearing how the rest of you are getting on too. Am sure he will make a good decision but he is lucky to have you to help :)

  2. That is lovely, I am sure you'll come up with a good choice between you. xx

  3. Good for you! I have one doing GCSE's too, luckily he is at a good school and wants to stay there! But how did they grow up all of a sudden??

  4. There's so many options now, aren't there? Good luck. x