Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Teen Tuesday

Teen Tuesday

This week on Teen Tuesday I'm going to talk about....


The trouble with earphones is that they magically disappear!

The boys can put them down safely in one spot but the next time they look they are gone!

As if by magic!

Oh the hunts that follow then,everywhere turned upside down and the words echoed

'' Has anyone seen my earphones? ''

And of course no one ever has!

As I said before magical!

Earphones also like to get there wires in a tangle.

No matter how neatly you put them away ,when you go back to them they will be tangled.

And how many pairs of ear phones does a teen need?

Quite a few it seems!

And that lovely tinny noise that comes out of the earphones -what bliss!

Just a few joys about ear phones!

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  1. Ha ha my children are a little young for earphones yet so I am still to discover the joys! Thanks for your comment, this is the problem with using blogger isn't it, that you can't reply to comments. Grrrr. Anyways, I am following you know too (in a nice, non-stalkerish way!). Look forward to reading more soon. x