Monday, November 7, 2011

Book Sharing Monday

Book Sharing Monday
 I only found this linky on Friday but I loved it straight away and wanted to join in so I'm going to write about our Halloween Story time.
One of our things to celebrate Halloween last week was a story time full of Halloween books,Chipmunk was really looking forward to this as I had been telling him all about it and he knew there would be quite a few books so he was well happy.
Chipmunks Halloween books waiting to be read
Halloween was a fab night for us,so much fun had and happy exciting memories to keep and what better thing to end the day with our Halloween stories.
We had seven books in total and I have chosen to talk about one of the books that Chipmunk found the most interesting and as sometimes happens its not the one you always think its going to be!
His very favourite was 
Frankensteins Cat
This is the sad tale of a cat who was made by Frankenstein out of all different cat bodies

because he looked unusual nobody liked him
This made him sad
People were very unkind to him
In the end he gets a friend but its a dog!

This story captivated Chipmunk and we have read it time and time again!The thing that made me smile is that I specially ordered most of the other books in and this one I just found by chance at the library but it was this one he loved!
You just never know which book they are going too take to do you!

The story itself is quite sad,poor Frankensteins cat has no friends and people are really mean to him,this appealed to Chipmunk as he talked through how it must feel when you are picked on.He showed freat empathy to the cat!
The end was not that nice although I guess it was funny and Chipmunk certainly smiled as the dog chased the cat!

For Chipmunk this book was a winner and I got used to it and by the end of the week I loved it too!

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