Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Hols

This year I'm having such a good school holiday.

Don't get me wrong there's plenty of tantrums and even meltdowns and there's drama like certain sons out on bikes when it's far too late and dark,and then theres been plug in the foot incident which was truly yucky but all in all it's been good.

The weather while not being typical summer sunny weather has suited us really,we've had mainly dry weather and that's ok by me because we have been able to get outside and get that all important fresh air that is supposed to be so good for us!

We have made the most of that fact and spent our days on parks,walking round lakes,rolling down hills,footballing,exploring forests,biking,scooting ~ it's been such good fun!

Chipmunk has got little brown arms and even a few freckles have come!

I seem to have spent a lot of good time with him,walking and holding his hand,he likes to say "Hold hands" and I always do because these children grow fast and all to soon they don't want to hold your hand anymore!

We have also done inside things like completing the summer scrap book and of course reading!Where would we be without reading :-)
We have done a lot of playing catch,our highest score was well over 100, and we were so proud!

Sharky has spent most of the time being a typical teen,totally nocturnal,comes alive when we are all falling asleep,his intake of Monster makes me cringe and of course he has spent way too much time on his laptop and xbox but he is happy and judging by what some teens have been doing this summer I can't complain.

Tiger spent a lot of his time reading Harry Potter this hols!Never thought I would see him read that much again!And yes I was pleased!
He has spent lots of time with his girlfriend and they seem very happy.

I have totally enjoyed being at home!No rush in the morning!No sandwich boxes to make!No uniforms to get ready every night!No reading diaries to sign!No shoes to polish!No ties to find!Woohoo!

Instead ~ unhurried cups of tea,many cups of tea!Guessing the Golden Hour on Smooth Radio.Toast at 10 with Chipmunk.Sauntering around.

Just a few reasons why I'm liking the school holidays.Time with my boys,making as many memories as I can and I think that has definately been achieved!

What are you views of the school holidays?Good/bad times?Time to chill or time to pull your hair out?

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