Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday Morn

Well I hear the pitter patter of Chipmunks feet this must mean the day is about to begin!

It rained in the night so I guess I'm going to see wet soggy grass and dampness all around.

The Internet shopping will be arriving between 9-11 so I need to be dressed for that.

And as I write a little curly haired face peeps round the bedroom door and grins

"It's past my breakfast time" he says "Yeah" he nods "The finger
is past the 8"

That's my cue I'd better get up!

Little bits I notice that make me smile today are
Chipmunks feet ~ one sock on one sock off

A bike helmet hanging on the door,ready for action

Today Sharky is going on a sleepover!In a tent!If it rains like it did last night he will get washed away!I suppose for a 15year old that would be a adventure in itself!

Chipmunk and I will be sorting the Internet shop out and then later we are going to see the OT.
It's a busy day ahead.

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