Sunday, August 28, 2011


Only one week left till school so it's a time for the last tattoos of summer.Chipmunk loves tattoo's at the moment so when he found some in town we bought them and he now has a cat tattoo on each hand.
When I looked in on him just now he had his hand peeping out his covers and I could see the tattoo,it made me smile.
No chance for tattoo's when we are back at school,perhaps on a Friday we can put a 'weekend' tattoo on to signify freedom from school!I don't even really like tattoo's but Chipmunk does so so be it!

We went to the I Play park and Chipmunk got to level 5!!He has wanted to do this for ages and he was proud!(So was I)

Then we played a brilliant game of Hopscotch!I'm going to get the chalk out and play Hopscotch tomorrow,it's great for coordination and really good fun too,we both enjoyed it.

We played hide and seek on the park and Chipmunk found some good places to hide.
I think today we used all the play equipment not just the I Play,perhaps because Chipmunk had conquered level 5 he did not feel the need to just play on it exclusively.

When we got home it was time for the grandparents to visit and Chipmunk watched the long awaited for MotoGp race!

After two stories Chipmunk settled easily tonight and I went downstairs and tried to catch up on Corrie with Sharky.We got a few episodes watched,hopefully we will soon be back on track with it!

It's been a good day,not too bad weather and lots of family time,a nice time.

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