Saturday, August 6, 2011

Special Friends

Its nice and peaceful here ~ time to write a blog post!

I have had so much to write about during the summer holidays but that's made it harder to write because everyday has been full of good things to write about and because I'am so busy doing all the *good things* I can't seem to find time to put them down in writing!

And the brilliant thing that keeps coming into my mind is that we have only had two weeks off and we have four weeks left ~ woohoo!

We have fitted tons into those two weeks and I'm so thrilled about that :-)

Today I wanted to write about meeting our holiday friends,Jane,Allan and Joe.

We met these friends in Cornwall many years ago,when all the boys were much younger.
I think Tiger was 7yrs old and Sharky was just 3yrs old ( soon to be 4 as he is our summer birthday boy )

Tiger will always say he was the one to introduce me to Jane and the gang and I guess that he was.
He made friends with Jack who must have been about 6yrs old and his brother Joe who was 8yrs old I think.

They met playing outside the caravans on a big patch of grass we called *the green*
It was a really safe place for the children to run,play ball games and dash about on scooters and bikes and most evenings a group of children would go out to play and Tiger,Sharky,Joe and Jack became life long friends even though they live miles away in Bedfordshire and I became friends Jane who is one of my best friends ever :-)

Since that meeting we have shared many of life's ups and downs together and even though the miles separate us we keep in touch and now modern technology is so advanced we can text,Facebook and email,which we do on a daily basis.

Time passes though and this little group of boys are growing up rapidly.

Gone are the days of the scooter races,Jack now drives a car!

Two of them have part-time jobs
and two of them go to college!

Time does fly but we are still friends and on our holiday this year we got a chance to meet up and be on a Cornish beach together again.

And of course to add to the mix we have now got Chipmunk!
He never knew the old campsite *Trevella* where all our memories were made.
He went there once when he was four months old but that was it.

He knows I have a friend called Jane and he does remember Joe and Jack from when they have visited us.
We send each other birthday presents too and Chipmunk knows in a roundabout way who these special people are.

It turned out that this year both the families would be in Cornwall at the same time for the first time in ages and we wondered if we could arrange a get together.

Well on the Wednesday of our hols we made a plan to meet on Perranporth beach.

I was a bit skeptical to be honest,I just thought that the beach was vast and that we would miss each other or something would go wrong but off we set to the beach,we were heading down the cliff path and they were coming from Perranporth across the main beach and we were hoping to meet in the middle!

The text messages began as we tried to coordinate this meeting and as soon as we started to come down the cliff path Tiger spotted them waiting at the bottom and then I saw them too and started waving,I couldn't believe we had managed it!

As we reached the bottom Joe rushed over and gave me a hug and it was like old times ~ everybody on the beach.

We all went down to the sea and the boys went splashing about while I paddled happily about in the shallow water trying to take photos without getting my phone ruined by water,quite a tricky thing to do!

After a while we went to sit down on the beach and had sausage rolls and Cornish pasties to eat,by this time the wind had got up and I can just remember trying to eat a pasty and talk whilst the wind was blowing my hair in my face constantly!

It was really good to see our friends,I think everybody enjoyed it.Jack wasn't there as he has been working during the summer holidays and he was missed by us,now that he's driving he may pop over to see us hopefully.

Another memory to treasure :-)

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