Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bikes,Walks and Grandparents

Today was lovely!Well the beginning and the end was yukko but the middle was just great!

We went to Sherwood Forest and it was a gorgeous day,blue skies and sun.This worked well in the forest,the trees gave us shade but we could still see blue sky up above

The flags were still up from last weeks Robin Hood Festival

We went to have a look around the Robin Hood stuff and then set off too search for The Major Oak,Chipmunk was 'Project Leader' a title he took very seriously and his job was too lead me to the Major Oak.This involved him reading all the signs

On our way round Chipmunk read all the signs and information boards ~ this fact stuck in my mind ~ there are over 200 different types of spider here and Sherwood Forest is in this countries top ten places for spiders!Hmm interesting to know!I was certainly careful where I put my feet after reading that!

Just some of the spiders you can find in the forest!

We followed the signs down windy paths

Until we came to a opening

And a sign which said

Woohoo we were nearly there!

Chipmunk got a new lease of life and ran on ahead,as 'project leaders' do :-)

We came to a break in the trees and there it was The Major Oak and some tents

We found a perfect spot to have a crisp picnic and after we had fed,Chipmunk began to climb trees and that's when my phone camera gave up the ghost ~ it had 3055 photos on and 55 videos!So no photo of the Major Oak and time for a *big clear out of photos!*

We walked up to the big field and saw a cricket match being played. We played footy and catch and Chipmunk found a leaf to take home and stick in his summer scrapbook.
It was a lovely trip out :-)

When we got back home Chipmunk was determined to go on his big bike so off we went!

We have a great cul de sac for bike riding,not many cars going up and down and a wide flat space for Chipmunk to pedal his bike round.
He is getting so much steadier these days and I'am so proud of him,he showed his grandparents how well he could ride and they were all pleased too!Way to go Chipmunk!

The Bike!I think I'm going to be spending a fair bit of time out here watching Chipmunk on this bike!

So all in all a good day,always nice to see the family and how nice to be able to chill on a Sunday night instead of going on a mad "get ready for the week ahead frenzy" ~ I always appreciate that!

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  1. We visited friends about four years ago and went to the Robin Hood Festival, Beanie was about 3, and loved it. Sherwood Forest itself was great!

  2. It is a great festival isn't it!We went last year and loved it :-)