Friday, August 5, 2011

Early in the morning

As I'am sat in this caravan I'am reminded of how peaceful it is here.

There are signs of movement down on the road below and I can detect that the traffic is getting more frequent,perhaps people getting up early to make the most of their last day on holiday,it is Friday after all.
Tomorrow this site will be busy with people,some happy and excited ready to start their holidays,full of dreams and anticipation and some people a little wistful and sad that their time at the seaside is over,back to reality,probably with a long journey ahead ahead of them and the knowledge that they won't be seeing the sea for quite some time.

Today though is Friday and we have a whole day ahead of us at Perran Sands ~ that is approximately 16 hours or 960 mins to do things,make memories,make the most of what we have got and I for one want to do that for sure!

And now I have company,little feet pit pattering through to where I'm sitting,breakfast time I guess!

As I go to the sink to rinse my teacup I look up to see this view from my window

What I wouldn't give for a view like that from my kitchen window at home!If only!

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