Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Morning

Well it's bright and sunny here today,for the time being anyway,I know that can change as quick as a flash!

The washers on and things need to be sorted.Things such as meals planned out,shopping to be thought off,things to keep Chipmunk amused..."things!"

And if I don't get these things in order we will waste our time and I don't want that!

So I'll have my second cuppa of the day and then make a list,yep the good old list,without a list I wouldn't get far at all!

I'm guessing the things will include washing,dishes,bike riding,Internet shop done and a bit more of the #summerscrapbook.

Sharky is going to the cinema later to see Inbetweeners so I want to make him a good breakfast ~ sausage cobs,he will be up later,much later of course!

Here's hoping the weather stays dry.

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