Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dirty Socks & Friction Burns

Today Chipmunk and me went to The White Post Farm Park and had a brilliant time!

We stayed for ages and did so many different things.

We spent loads of time with the animals,first we fed the ducks

then we walked to feed the sheep and goats.Chipmunk was very brave and fed some very assertive sheep,no goat stood a chance with these sheep around!

It made Chipmunk giggle as the sheep fed,rather him than me!

We then had a long walk to see the pigs.I loved the pigs,they were so funny

They kept squeezing under the fence to get to some food,it's a wonder they didn't get stuck!

There was a huddle of pigs all asleep together,they couldn't have got closer if they tried

And they were so noisy,squealing and chasing each other around

This pig was my favourite it looked so cute sleeping there

After laughing at the piggy wigs we went for lunch and then Chipmunk had a great time on the trampolines.He got sooo hot and had to keep stopping for rests and drinks,I sat cringing as he bounced but he had such a lovely time!

After playing on the playground we decide to cool off and go for a sit down to watch the animal show,which suprisingly we both enjoyed!Chipmunk was enthralled to see some of the animals he had seen earlier performing,especially Pigwig the pig

And Rainbow the Alopaca

I took Chipmunk for a ice cream and then he drove a pretend tractor

and went to see a variety of small animals including guinea pigs,meerkats,lizards,tortoises and a gigantic tarantula!

We had quite a interesting time in the aviary where some little parrot type birds flew on Chipmunks hands,shoulder and even his head,at that point I decided it was time to get out as they seemed to be pecking his ear!

The thing that Chipmunk really liked though was the big slide.You had to sit in a kind of basket and launch yourself down the slope.
Chipmunk went down all by his self and got his very first friction burn :-/ but he quickly jumped up and it didn't seem to put him off at all ( since coming home tho he has fussed and is very proud to show anyone his war wound)

I had a couple of goes on the slide and then sat watching the children play.
There was a dad with his daughter sliding down happily together and a grandma sliding with her grandchildren!Hope I'm like that one day!

Chipmunk played on that slide until he was hot and sweaty.His socks were absolutely dirty with that and the trampolines and I loved it,even though they were new and ruined because lots of the time Chipmunk stays clean because he doesn't run around and play so I appreciate seeing dirty,mucky socks,it means Chipmunks played and what can be nicer than that :-)

The super slide that Chipmunk loved and conquered!

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  1. omg that slide is huge. Sounds like you have had a lovely day together - just the two of you?

  2. Hiya :-) yes it was me and the youngest.We did have a great time,I think we will go again,especially now he's conquered that slide!