Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Perran Sands

Today was a beach day,the weather was grey and cloudy,yet again,but even so we decided to go and spend some time down at Perran Sands beach.

It's not a easy walk to the beach as it's down a steep cliff walk but it's do-able and much better in my opinion than getting in a car to go to the beach because on the journey back you know you can just collapse in the caravan without sitting in a car all hot,sticky and sandy.

This was the view as we walked down the path to the beach.

When we got onto the beach we looked in the beach shop to see if there were any beach shoes for Chipmunk but there was not any his size so we bought a bucket and two spades instead.

We found a spot quite close to the sea and set up camp,which just consisted of a few towels and our shoes.

The boys went straight to the sea and were soon larking around,splashing each other.

Sharky started to fly his kite,he's waited ages to do that and today was definitely windy enough for him to do it.
It kept coming down onto the beach with a loud splat,thankfully it didn't splat any of us!

Chipmunk got completely buried by Tiger!I think he found it quite itchy and he pushed his way out very quickly!

We had a jammy donut and crisp picnic and then it was back into the sea.

By now the weather had changed and we actually saw a bit of sun peeking through the clouds.

I was able to stretch out on my towel and feel warm instead of chilly,a very pleasant change :-)

Chipmunk was playing in a massive hole that someone had dug,it had water in the bottom and Chipmunk was making me a chocolate ice cream with plenty of fudge and flake pieces scattered on top. He had a great time sloshing the sand and water into his bucket and made me a very wet,soggy,sloppy,sandy ice cream.

Then he decided to go in the sea again.
By this time the waves were quite big and Chipmunk and Sharky had a brilliant time jumping over them.Chipmunk went right under a couple of times,he spluttered but didn't seem to care that much as he went back for more and more

After a really good time in the sea we began the long trudge back up the cliff walk and to the van where we all showered and then relaxed.
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