Sunday, August 21, 2011

Seven Words

My seven words this week are

School Holidays Flying I'm Grabbing Every Moment

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  1. mine for today would be-

    "paint in eye hun" - minor injuries quick!

    Hubby painting boys bedroom - lol!!

  2. Brilliant, I am so glad you are enjoying them. I am tearing my hair out!!!!

  3. Oh I'm sorry you're pulling your hair out ( are you really? ) Can I just say you answering back has made my day because these linky things are driving me mad!I so want to join in and then I mess it up everytime!And then I throw the rattle out of the pram and start saying "I can't link!!" and my family go "What?"
    So to get a reply is fab!I'll go and tell them now and they will have that blank expression on their faces and they'll think "Eh" "What" Hee!

  4. Oh No!Decorating in full swing then!Hope nobody really got paint in the eye :-)