Saturday, August 27, 2011


Today we went to watch the Smurfs at the cinema.

I had not heard much about this film but could vaguely remember the Smurfs from my younger days.

We absolutely loved the film,it really made Chipmunk laugh and I got right into it,cheering at the loveable Smurfs and booing at the evil Gargamel and his dastardly cat Azrael!

I would recommend this film for anyone with children under 10,it certainly made us laugh.

Oh and if you do watch it,beware, as you soon start talking like a Smurf and things become 'smurftastic' or you say 'I Smurf you' ( meaning I love you ) or as Chipmunk keeps saying 'Smurfxactly' Believe me it's addictive!

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