Thursday, August 4, 2011


I'm first one up today,actually I'm first one up most days.The caravan is really quiet,I can hear little occasional creaking noises coming from the caravan,the fridge switching on and off and purring away,seagulls cawing,a few cars on the road below the caravan and the wind blowing.

The sky is mainly grey with little white bits peeking through

Over in the direction of the sea it looks a bit brighter and although the sky is grey at least the weather is dry and that means we can spend our last day outside,I'm not sure where but it will be at a beach that I'am sure,on holiday beaches are important to us

The bit brighter sky over by the sea and beach.

There are signs of family life everywhere in this caravan ~

Piles of books ~

Piles of clothes

Piles of shoes


Signs of my boys growing up ~


And this makes me smile ~ a Harry Potter book underneath this crisp packet ~ a sign my big boy is reading again :-)

Caps are everywhere.

And iPods too!

Some shoes even hide beneath chairs!

And some jackets are left on the floor.

And it is oh so quiet in here,at the moment!
Even the wind has dropped and I can just see the palm tree outside gently fluttering in the breeze ~ peace for the moment and signs of a family that have made this caravan their home for a week *home on a hill*

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