Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sharky's Birthday

Had to post about Sharky's birthday :-)

Tomorrow he is 15!He has only one year left at school,how an earth did that happen!

I have seen a lot of change in him during this past year;

Physically he has shot up and is very tall now,he seems to grow every week at the moment and is nearly as tall as Tiger!

He has the absolute attitude of the stereotypical teenager!

He sleeps really late!His body clock is mixed up and he comes alive at night when we are all sleepy and he is on top form then ~ not a good mix!

He loves fizzy pop!He will walk to the local shop just for a can of pop.Monster is his favourite but he also likes Dr Pepper a bit too much for my liking :-)
He also would live on Pot Noodles if I would let him and he loves toasties too.

Obviously he spends waaaay too much time on his lap top,x-box,iPod
I try to limit it but it's a losing battle!

He is doing really well at school especially in maths which makes all the family smile
He is doing well with his construction diploma too and got the highest scores for some of his work!

He loves Vans and clothes from Republic and other pricey shops

He is still cheeky and loves jumping out at people to make them jump

He is very opinionated and has a view on everything and everybody!

Tomorrow we are having a family party for him.
Plenty of cakes,sweets,pizza,pot noodles,fizzy pop,hot dogs and chips!

Sharky you are so well loved,don't ever change,you make us laugh and we love you so very,very much X

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