Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Museum Trip

Our town museum is really quite cool and has won awards for being child friendly.

Chipmunk has been going there for a year now and even went on a school trip there in May.

Today we spent a hour there and I can see Chipmunks knowledge is really growing.

He is getting used to the exhibitions and listening to what I'm telling him and is really happy to do so.

One of the museums characters is Eco Dude,a friendly talking robot made entirely out of things that were thrown away,here he is

One bit of information I learnt today was that our town throws away 40,000 tons of waste each year,enough to fill a football stadium to the top!Eco Dude told me this!

One of the exhibitions that always makes me think is the one that shows you how much electricity certain household items use

It is the kettle that uses the most electricity,what amazes me is that the toaster takes quite a bit of electricity too.

We had a good go on this activity.You had to find a food chain of 4 links,I got it right a couple of times and Chipmunk had a really good try,I can see we will revisit this activity again.

We looked at a old Penny Farthing bike and Chipmunk really smiled as we talked about how difficult it would be to get into the saddle of one and how high up it would be.Because of Chipmunks recent bike riding attempts he really appreciated just how hard it must have been to ride a Penny Farthing and it was great to see him comparing the two bikes

When you look at this photo it does make you think ' just how did they manage to stay on!'

Chipmunk then did a trail,where he had to circle different things from around the museum,he is getting much better at this And then we went to play on the checkout tills ~ he loves this.

We like going to the museum and I can see Chipmunk really beginning to absorb this knowledge in,thanks Eco Dude :-)

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