Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our Cornish Walk To The Beach

While we was in Cornwall we went to the beach everyday.It was just a walk away from our campsite but what a walk it was!Not necessarily a long walk but such a steep one!

I wanted to capture the steepness of it so on the last day I photographed every step of the walk.It's took me until now to blog it but here goes :-)
This is Home On A Hill

From there we crossed a road and went up a little hill

And along a path

This is the view to the right

Then we would cross the road and walk until we reached the zebra crossing

Once there you entered the Haven Complex

There was bikes to one side

And then there was the amusements and little shop

Then we would walk on until you saw this view

Yep,the beautiful beach and sea
We were right on the top of these cliffs and had to walk down,down,down to that beach

We would walk down here

Passing this view on the way

Then you reach the steps

And they are tricky little steps

Once down these you see this slope

And down you go

This is the view looking back up that slope

And there's more slopes to contend with

When you get near the bottom this is the view

Getting closer to the beach

The view looking back

So close to the beach now

The beach shop that sells extortionate priced beach goods and expensive pasties ( but they tasted yum,all warm and mixed with sand,mmm )

The last slope and the rocks where Chipmunk used to take his shoes off

And then this

Beaches like this are why I love Cornwall

Well worth the walk :-)

And such a normal sight on a Cornwall beach

And this too

And that is our walk to the beach.

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