Friday, August 26, 2011


Playing along with Shae at Yay for home  Here I go again trying to link! I guess thats one thing I know *I dont give up!* I will link even if it kills me trying...grrr
Anyway back to the job in hand, things I know;  

That I really do not like sleepovers.I know lots of people probably have lovely experiences with sleepovers but my child always comes back worse for wear and has to spend the rest of the day recuperating and I like my children in their own beds at night unless its at someones house  I really trust like a grandparent.

That it is virtually impossible to keep anything private when one of your children is a compulsive talker and proceeds to tell everyone they meet all of our business.I guess it causes the other people some hilarity but just sometimes I feel that I should just go and stand on the tallest building I can find and announce all my business on a daily basis.

That I'm still enjoying the school holidays and I'm grateful for this opportunity to be at home with the boys.Its been great.

And finally I know that I have one week left before the boys go back to school and I intend to make the most of it for sure!

Footnote - If you only knew how long this post has taken me you would either fall on the ground laughing or shake your head in exasparation!

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  1. I so know what you mean. Now that our Miss 3 is a gabberjaws I so wonder what she is telling people at her childcare centre. I hadn't thought about sleepovers yet!!