Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Had a fab day at Newquay!

We started going round the shops,Tiger and Sharky liked the surfy shops that sold Vans etc,it was really busy and quite crowded and I was quite pleased
when we went to the seafront away from the crowds.

It bought back lots of memories for me because this was the beach that we used to come to when Tiger and Sharky were really young.

I can really remember playing on this beach with the boys and walking under this bridge,it was the very beach that Sharky learnt to walk on when he was just 11 months old,so you can imagine what memories it held for me!

We used to walk up and down this road and I used to push Sharky in the Silver Cross Buggy,it was soo hard going up those hills I can tell you :-)

We used to stay in this hotel overlooking the sea.The dining room had a great view of the sea and we used to watch rowing boats going out each evening to practice racing.

Then we went to the harbour,there used to be a seal there but I didn't see that today.
Chipmunk found a dead fish though that had been washed up at the side of the sea

Poor little fish :-(

It was busy at the harbour

lots of boats coming and going.

The canoes getting ready to go out

We all sat on a rock and this was our view

the sea was swooshing around and it was so nice to hear the waves going in and out,I love the noise the sea makes.

We had a walk along the harbour side and climbed onto a wall overlooking the sea,it was right next to some lobster cages which were quite smelly!

It was a really tough walk back up the road and Chipmunk felt it but did make it up there eventually.

We had some delicious fudge there from the little fudge shop that we used to go too and had a happy time just wandering around.

Sharky found a big flat stone and I have bought it home with me to keep forever.

Sharky bought a new cap and Tiger bought some new shoes and Chipmunk bought a gun and 2 maths books from the Pound Shop.

I really enjoyed it today and I hope the boys did too.Chipmunk went to sleep in under 5minutes tonight so all the walking and fresh air certainly did something to him for sure :-)

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