Thursday, August 25, 2011

Alton Towers

I'm catching up on our summer holiday fun while Sharkys at his sleepover so now it's all about Alton Towers.

We got our trip to Alton Towers paid for by Tesco club card!It was a great way to make what would have been a expensive trip a really cheap day out!

The boys all love Alton Towers and were really looking forward to spending the day there.

The weather was really grim and I honestly began to wonder if we were mad as we stood queuing up in the pouring rain,thankfully that stopped and the weather although grey was not a problem all day.

The first thing Chipmunk went on was The Squirrel Nutty Ride ~ he could remember this from last time

The ride is high up in the trees

You sit in a car and take a slow ride around a woodland track

It was after this ride that Chipmunk progressed to the 'big boy rides!'

First was a spinning teacup pirate ride.We all went in together and that car span and span.It was such good fun,nothing like spinning round at speed with your nearest and dearest,I will remember the looks on everybody's faces for a very long time!Pure magic!

That was in the pirate land.

We then went on the log flume.Somehow I had forgot how wet you get on the water rides and when we got off I was soaked,it took ages for my jeans to dry.
Chipmunk loved it though!And again it was such a good feeling to all be able to go on a family ride together.

We then went on the Runaway Mine Train

This ride is a bit of a roller coaster and very fast,again Chipmunk loved it and we ended up going on it 4 times during the day. A definite fave!

We then walked through The Spooky Forest and saw Chipmunks worst nightmare ~ The Gears Of War Man

Chipmunk christened this character that name years ago and since then it's stuck and yes years later he is still spooked by him!We didn't stay there long!

What I like about Alton Towers is the contrast of things,from this

and this (noise and screams)

to this

and this (peace and tranquility)

What I don't like is how tired Alton Towers makes you feel!I was absolutely whacked out by the end of the day and when I put Chipmunk to bed I just slunk and slithered into bed myself feeling as rough as could be!

It was such a *fun* day out though.I heard Tiger and Sharky laughing loads and loads and it's great to go out as a family and hear laughter,especially from the teens!
A definite winner of a day!

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  1. It was great fun,nice to do something that made even the older boys laugh!I really felt it was good for family bonding as daft as it sounds,all that spinning around together meant something to me and I will remember it for a long time!