Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bike Ride To Comp!

I just got to do a quick post about our fab bike ride to the comp!

After dinner today I decided to see just how far Chipmunk could ride his bike to.We set off towards our local comp and low and behold we made it there!

There was not much stressing and not much wobbling and a very proud mummy and son!

Chipmunk managed to go through gates,go up hills and even more scary ~ go down hills!

I even managed to ride my bike and I only got bumped off it once which is a major improvement to last year when I literally needed valium after a bike ride with Chipmunk!
This time it was nearly pleasurable!I still had to watch him carefully but the improvement was amazing and I'am so pleased!

We are winning! #bikeridingsuccess

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