Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bike Rides

So as I was saying earlier in the week Chipmunk is learning to ride his bike and he is doing it with vengeance!

Every spare moment he gets he wants to be out on the bike and that means that I'm out watching him because although our cul de sac is safe and does not have many cars coming and going there's no way I could leave him out on his own,he plays on our drive at the moment where we can see him and will be doing for a long time yet!

So if Chipmunks out,I'm out!Whatever the weather,sunny,cold,drizzly we are out!

It's getting easier.Chipmunk is not so wobbly now and so I have not had quite so many heart attack moments.
I can breathe a lot easier these days,I don't run at the side of him,holding my breath and whispering as many prayers as I can,like I used to do ~ this is a improvement!

Now I stay on the pavement whilst he bikes round,my heart stays in the right place instead of being in my mouth everytime he wobbles!Phew!

I still wish the roads were softer and there were matresses at the side of him just incase he falls off and a horde of angels hovering above him making sure he sits straight and comes to no harm but apart from that I'm totally chilled out about the bike riding

And the riding is good!He *is* steadier and he *can* corner and most importantly he loves it!His confidence grows daily,it is a pleasure to watch him and today I was so cold just stood watching I got my bike out and joined him and it was fab :-)
I wasn't so worried about him so I could just happily potter around on my bike and Chipmunk thought this was great ~ he had a racing partner!

We had such fun out there,going round and round our little circuit and I'm sure we will be doing it again and again.

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