Monday, August 1, 2011


We had a great day at the beach,it was grey and cloudy but that didn't stop us having fun.

First we had to find the beach and that involved a walk around the camp site looking for a way to get onto the beach path.

The beach path is steep and quite a hard walk up and down

Here is a photo of the zig-zag path we had to climb up and down

And some views from the top of the cliffs

Once we got down to the bottom of the cliffs everybody's shoes came off and we played on the beach.

The sea was the big attraction and all the boys went in.

It wasn't long before Chipmunk fell over and got salt water in his mouth,it didn't bother him to much as he went dashing back in time and time again shouting "Last one in is a rotten egg!"

He played with Tiger pretending the seaweed was jellyfish and with Sharky pretending that he was sinking in quicksand.
He got absolutely soaked and his tee-shirt turned transparent and his hair was streaky and curly as it was so wet with sea water.

The Beach

It was windy on the beach but at least it was a warm wind,the sea was really noisy,I'm not sure if it was the sea or the wind that was making all the noise.

Mind you I'am sure that it was Chipmunk making the most noise on the beach,for some reason he kept on shouting and literally screaming at the top of his voice,I'm not entirely sure why he did this but it was loud,really loud!

Sharky blasted a ball around and kept ducking and diving around as only Sharky can,running in and out of the sea,twisting and turning around ~ he reminds me of a sprite :-) all movement and light on his feet.

When we got back to the caravan we all had a shower and de-sanded ourselves,it was a good outing.

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