Friday, August 26, 2011

Rainy Morning

It's raining this morning and has been raining throughout the night.
My dad said it rained so much on Wednesday night that when he went to work the ducks were on the grass because the river was overflowing and going so fast!

And Sharky has been in a tent all night on someone's back garden.Im expecting him back soon ~ wonder if he will be wet?

Tiger was here last night without any of the other boys being around,not often that happens!

Perhaps this rain will clear up,it looks like it may,if not we will have to think of some inside things to do,at least we have got some nice things to have for breakfast,that is if anyone gets up at breakfast time,usually it runs into early lunch time ~ is that brunch?!Are we a family that 'brunches?'Maybe we are!

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