Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Oh it is busy,busy busy here.So many things to fit in and a busy schedule that is jam packed full of stuff,good stuff but still stuff.

fitting for Sharky's prom,Olympic torch relay,nephews 18th birthday,Alton Towers for Sharky,school bbq,Sharky's prom,sports day ~ tons of stuff!

And tomorrow we find out Chipmunks new teacher for yr 4!I'm nervous about that!Will they split the two classes into 3?Who will the teacher be?Will he stay with his friend?Too many questions!Not long to wait for answers tho!

Tomorrow I'm going for dinner at school with Chipmunk,that should be interesting and Iam looking forward to it.
Infact that's what I'm going to do now,go and look for the letter with all the details on it,don't want to turn up late for dins!


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