Friday, June 22, 2012

Take A Parent For Dinner Day

At Chipmunks school they have been having several lunchtimes where parents have been invited in to have lunch with their children.
We have had mums in on Mothers Day and dads in on Fathers Day and today it was the turn of the children who take packed lunches to invite their mums in.

And in I went!

I was really looking forward to this as there are not too many opportunities to go into school too see the children,so if possible I try to take any chances that I get.

So this morning I packed my own sandwich box alongside Chipmunks,same sandwiches,same yogurt,same treat bar,different crisps!And after work I dived off along to the juniors.

As I opened the hall door I was met with a cacophony of noise!It was packed in there!

At every table was room for six people to sit down,there must have been at least 30 tables and all were full.

There was music playing and children chattering,it was a hustly,bustly place.

I found Chipmunk and he took me on a tour around the school while we waited for a space to eat our lunch.

Eventually we settled ourselves down and began to chomp our lunch.

The school dinners looked scrummy,it was jacket potatoes with crusty bread and behind where we were sat were a group of boys really enjoying their meal.
All the dinner children were so competent at lining up and carrying their meals on trays,they looked liked worker ants,with every child knowing exactly what to do!

As we sat together,on a table by ourselves Chipmunk and I chattered away and ended up swapping yoghurt's.Yep he even gave me his precious peach yogurt!

After lunch it was time to go in the playground,what a experience that was!

It was wet and windy and busy and noisy. There were children darting about and balls being thrown around at alarming speeds.I got hit by one and yes it did come keen!

Chipmunk went to play on the tyres with two friends and he happily balanced with them and then they played a spinning game together.

It began to drizzle and the wind was whipping the children into a frenzy.

A group of girls stood huddled under a pink umbrella while the boys just carried in throwing the tennis balls.

I saw a lot of smiley faces on the parents on the yard and there were a lot of muttered comments about the dreadful weather but I think everyone appreciated the chance to see their children at play at school.
You hear lots of tales about who did what at play times from your children and it's nice to put things into perspective and see things first hand.

It was soon time for the very loud and very shrill whistle to blow and all the children lined up and went back to their classrooms and I went home,very cold,very wet,very windswept but pleased to have been given the chance to be with Chipmunk and to be a lady who lunches!


  1. Ah! It's lovely to get to see them like this isn't it? Wish Beanies school would do them too. Would love to see him!

    1. Hi :-)Yes its always great to get a glimpse into their world isn't it!I adored it.