Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Down in the woods

Today there were lots of different things in the forest.

First we glimpsed this

And then this

and when we saw these characters we knew something special was happening!

At first Chipmunk was very wary and wouldn't go near any of the camps but after a bit of gentle persuasion he really got into it and although he stuck like glue to my side he wanted to see more.

I think our favourite one was this one

The lady showed us how to keep the fire going by blowing onto it and there was real meat cooking!
Smoke was billowing everywhere but I thought it was great to see real fire and smell the smoke.
Chipmunk has never had that experience before and to actually smell something is so different to just seeing it in television.

Down by Robin Hoods tree there were archers

Chipmunk loved these guys!There were two sides ~ good guys and then the baddies boo who worked for the sheriff of Nottingham.

When the good guys won the archery contest the baddies had a scuffle with them

Luckily a woman shock horror came and sorted the ruffians out!
We then saw some soldiers

but at this point Chipmunk was more interested in two small puppy dogs stood next to us!

The man in the black is the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham,Chipmunk does not like him at all!Boo!Hiss!

After all this fun we carried on walking through the forest.

We took a different route and went off the beaten track,Chipmunk was the leader

We passed under leafy canopies

Found lots of wild flowers

And Chipmunk did lead us out into safety!We didn't get lost this time!

Chipmunk had a climb on the park

and a game of bat and ball.Then it was home again to get warm as it was chillybo!

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  1. What a lovely tail of adventure, I bet Chipmunk will remember his day in the woods for a long time to come. Thank you for joining in with Country Kids, what a perfect post!