Saturday, June 30, 2012

''Whites Are Best And We Are Better Than The Reds.''

This was the sound I could hear echoing around the school sports field on Sports Day

'' whites are best and we're better than the reds''

At times it was quite intimidating and the Red team didn't seem to have much to answer the whites with or did they...

Because actually when push came to shove the whites were not better than the reds,as the reds won sports day which meant on his first competitive sports day Chipmunk was part of a winning team!

The red team were ecstatic when they found out that they were overall winners as you can see in the above picture!

I think this went over Chipmunks head,he was just glad to have got his event over with,he was NOT looking forward to this day at all!

Chipmunks event was the sit and throw relay and he showed great perseverance as him and his partner threw the beanbag down the long track towards the finishing line

There was mixed feelings towards this day.I can only say I think we are all glad it's over and we are all smiling at the fact that Chipmunk was on the winning team,something his big brothers would have been so happy to be in!

Red team you are winners!

June 28th 2012

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