Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep

Today Chipmunk and I had a great impromptu experience.

We saw and held baby chicks!

I had just popped over to school,Chipmunk wanted to come with me to 'big school' but I felt him gripping my hand very tightly as we walked across the school hall.Its only less than a year that he was a pupil at this school but time away and being at a different school made him incredibly shy again.

We got to the F1 classroom and it wasn't long before something caught my eye.

Moving around in a container where several baby ducks!

I called Chipmunk over and we both oohed and ahhed at the cute little yellow bundles of fluff.

Then the teacher took us to a incubator and inside were about a dozen eggs with ducks ready to hatch!

You could hear them cheering inside the actual eggs!It was fascinating!

One duck was beginning to break through its shell and you could just see its beak pecking away at the shell.

The teacher showed Chipmunk how to keep the shell wet with a water spray so it was easier for the ducks to peck through and then Chipmunk held one of the bigger baby ducks!
He held it beautifully and was so thrilled to have such a unexpected treat!

As I held his hand across the school hall I felt very lucky to have had such a nice start to the day and the smiles form Chipmunk to me that he felt the same too!A wonderful start to a Wednesday morning.

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