Sunday, June 3, 2012

Splashy Smiles

Although the weather is absolutely terrible and it's our week off,grrr,there are still things to smile about;

Sharky's comments about the queen this week have been making me chuckle

"What would happen if the Queens hat blew off?Would they execute the wind?"

''Why isn't the Queen wearing a life jacket on a boat?Doesn't she need one because she's the Queen?''

"Bet that's something to cross off the Queens to do list... watched 1000 boats today ~ tick"

The jubilee has brought about many comments about royalty and whenever Chipmunk sees the Queen he yells out
"Look it's Queen Elizabeth"
Never just the Queen but Queen Elizabeth!


Chipmunks made me smile by calling people from Spain Spainians he says this on a regular basis whilst watching MotoGp.

He said to me this morning

"I know someone whose a Catarian"

I answered with a


He replied

"That means he lives in Qatar."

I had just woke up and was making my first cuppa of the day but I had to smile!Obviously I didn't let Chipmunk see me smile as he had a very stern look on his face!


My little pink iPod is making me smile,nice to have music while I work


Having a week off work is making me smile big style,I really appreciate it.


Blowing dandelions after school with Chipmunk made me smile.It was so pretty down at the comp that night and judging by the weather we have got now I'm glad we made the most of those nice evenings

Little pretty streams make me smile and the thought of stickleback fishing is very exciting!


Last night Chipmunk was flicking through his F1 book and said to me;

"I used to think this said Mercedes Beans"

He meant Mercedes Benz!

That made us both smile.


These little dangling patriotic feet made me smile too!


Scooter boy makes me happy
Look at him scooting away,fast and balanced,yay!

Now I have a whole week with the boys so I'm bound to catch loads more smiles!

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