Friday, June 8, 2012

Splashy smiles

Time for splashy smiles!

Chipmunk has come out with some funny things this week.

One night at tea I was asking him what he wanted to eat,he replied;

"A sandwich"

"You would live on sandwiches if you could,wouldn't you?" I said

"No" Chipmunk seriously replied;

"A house"

And he couldn't understand at all why we started to laugh!


Early one morning Chipmunk was reading a chip shop price list

Instead of a tray of salad he described it as a try of salad and this made me smile.


Our neighbour has been dog sitting this week and Chipmunk has been very interested (to say the least) in their borrowed dog Gino
The whole of our family has been dragged to see Gino.
Unfortunately for Chipmunk Gino has now gone home.


We had a lovely afternoon and tea with my mum and dad on Thursday,soup and crusty bread,as the rain lashed down outside.We was warm and well fed,always a good thing.


Obviously spending time with the boys have made me smile ~ I heart the school holidays where we can all just be together. 


I have loved blogging this week,capturing those memories.I hope I can keep it up when school and work starts up again!

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