Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sticky,Squelchy Adventure!

After 3 days of rain Chipmunk was getting very stir crazy ( even if he didn't know it ) so it was time to get wrapped up and get some fresh air.

I decided on a scooter ride to the comp and although he protested like mad, once Chipmunk was out he scootered happily along.

It was a bumpy old day and Chipmunk came off his scooter at least three times,each time though he got back up albeit it with a few groans and ouches.

We tried to get down to the river but it was just too steep and slippery today.

It was so pretty down by the river bank.Lots of tall buttercups making a bright yellow statement against the green grassy banks.

I got totally stuck in some yukky,sticky mud down near the river.
Chipmunk said I had been caught in lava,which made me smile.

The yukky,sticky lava!

And then Chipmunk spotted something moving across the path.

It was a really big frog hopping across to the river.I tried to get it on camera but it moved fast and was well camouflaged.

The frog is at the top of the photo,you may have to look very closely!

The frog fascinated Chipmunk and me as well!

It was a great walk,pretty scenery,fresh air and plenty of giggles ~ Chipmunk really belly laughed when I got stuck in the mud!

pretty,grassy riverbank

Wow,its Mr Blue Sky!

Sleeves rolled up,ready for action

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  1. Good to get out, especially after poor weather, something quite satisfying about going out to defy the elements! Glad you had a good time and thank you for linking to Country Kids. I had no problem spotting the frog either!