Wednesday, June 20, 2012

School Swimming

Sleep tight little one because today one of my big worries has been sorted ~ I'm going to be allowed to go swimming with you during your school swimming lessons!

I have very good reasons for being concerned about your safety during swim lessons and it seems like the school has understood my worries and responded brilliantly!Infact I couldn't have asked them to be fairer with me and for that I'am sooo grateful.

Your school does block swim
lessons these days.
Every afternoon for two weeks you will be going swimming for a hour.

I think if handled right these daily swim lessons will be so beneficial for you,build those pesky muscles up,gain more upper body strength,have fun with your peers and have a ride on a school bus (I bet that will be quite a experience in itself!)

So I have signed two weeks of my life away and I'am just so happy to do so!It will be work in the morning and swimming straight after!

Now we can start to positively talk about swimming ~ it's going to be good Chipmunk!

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