Thursday, June 7, 2012

Catching Smiles

Dear boys,

Today we were supposed to go out to Nottingham with your Mamma and Grandad but when we woke up it was raining.

The rain got steadily worse and I began to think that this was a bad idea.

Trouble was I had already told you Chipmunk about the trip and we were all looking forward to a day out.

After much discussion we decided to abandon the idea of Nottingham and go bowling instead and I'm so glad we did!

We booked in for two games and began to play.

And how competitive were we!

Tiger and I had a contest going but in the end Sharky piped us at the post!

And talk about swagger!Yes Sharky I did see the 'winner' walk you did at the end!

Chipmunk you did really well and you were a lot stronger this time,carrying the ball really well and swinging it with confidence.

You kept saying,

"I'm gonna smoke you boys"

Well you didn't quite smoke them but judging from your big smiles I think you had a good time.

Knock em down T,coz I'm not far behind you and ready to give you some competition.Us girls have got some pride you kno!

We did have such fun and I loved seeing you all at play.These days life is so busy,very computerised and we can go days without all of us being together.

It's a treat to be together as a family and to just play,something we should do more often I feel,just the age old problem of money stopping us I guess.

You are all growing up fast!I stood watching you all,trying to catch those smiles and trying to commit them to memory!

When you were younger I saw you smile much more,these days it's rarer to see you really smile so I guess it's really precious when I do glimpse it.

Today I saw plenty of smiles and I appreciated every one.

We must do this bowling lark again!

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