Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm not tired!I'm really not tired!

Today we were invited to a Jubilee party and what a fab time we had!

The sun was out,unlike yesterday's rainy old weather,infact it was so strong I worried at one point about Chipmunk getting sunburnt!

The party organisers made us so welcome,there was a barbecue and lots and lots of yummy cakes.

Here's a few of the cakes and my cup of tea!The cakes did look more appealing before they had been got at by the hungry hordes,but you can get the picture!

The house had been trimmed up with bunting,which flapped merrily in the wind.

There were quite a few families there and lots of children and this was where the fun began.

Chipmunk had took his scooter and so had many of the other kids and because all the grown ups where sitting on the front garden the children were allowed to play on the street!

What a treat to play in a gang of children on a street!

This is something I took for granted as a child and I spent most of my childhood playing unsupervised out on the street with my group of friends.

But these days that does not happen so much and the children were delighted to get such a opportunity and boy did they make the most of it!

They scootered up and down that street for hours,made games up,had races and had crashes!

The older children looked out for the young ones and it was so great to watch them,I had the time of my life watching them!

They even played Kerby!And it was the way they organised themselves without any adults butting in.Great stuff!

playing Kerby in the road!Look at the discarded scooter waiting for action!

Whilst the children were playing happily the adults had organised a group to sing!There were two people on guitars,one person on drums and my friend singing.

It made the party really special.There were people jiving on the drive and lots of clapping and foot tapping!

The thing I loved as well was the mix of age ranges there,from grandparents down to young children and everybody happy and getting on together.

As the night drew to a close Chipmunk kept saying to me

"I'm not tired!I'm not tired"

And all the grown ups smiled at each other because we all knew what that meant....

one very tired but absolutely happy little boy!

Chipmunk making jubilee bunting earlier in the day

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