Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thanks Momma Swan.

On our walk today we came across momma swan and her beautiful fluffy little babies

At first momma swan was on guard,there was a dog close by and she was protecting those precious bundles of fluff.

But the dog moved away and Chipmunk and I waited,fascinated by the cuddly babies and also by their protective mummy!We spoke about why she was protecting her babies and then we got some food out and threw her a little bit.

Momma Swan was hungry and she began to peck around.The babies uncurled too and started to look for food.

After the food had gone the Swan family settled back down peacefully

And we left them to snuggle up together.We loved seeing the baby swans so closely and it was great to see nature at work with a very protective mummy and her cute babies.


  1. Great outdoor pictures! I am following your blog now. Thanks for visiting me! :)

    1. Hi Hannah,thanks for the comment and following my blog,I will put your blog on my reader so i can keep in touch