Sunday, June 10, 2012

Last Day Of Half Term

We have had a really nice half term hols.

Not gone too far and had rubbish weather but still enjoyed being off and managed to get in plenty of walks and fun.

This morning started with just a tiny bit of blue sky

I really wanted to get out and so kept my fingers crossed that I'd didn't rain and luckily it didn't!
Chipmunk did a great job of washing his muddy scooter!
After breakfast we went for a walk to the park

Chipmunk bounced his tennis ball all the way down the street.

Shadows on the pavement

We passed a horse on the field

And pretty yellow wild flowers
Then we reached the entrance to the park

On the park we played catch and then went to do some climbing on the equipment.

Chipmunk learning to swing.

Climbing up the climbing frame

Getting ready to jump.

We had a fun time,there were quite a few people on the park making the most of the decent weather.

We had a fab go on the seesaw!Chipmunk laughed and laughed as he bumped up and down.

"I'm at my level" he kept squealing as he slipped down off the seat.

As we walked home I saw poppies growing

and this reminded me of last summer when we were walking together.
The poppies seem to grow anywhere

A solitary poppy in the pavement.

Tonight we measured all the rain that had fell during the week

It filled this jar up which was 750grams.That's a lot of water!

And our last job was to rub the jubilee tattoos off.Bye little tattoos you have been with us all holidays and now we won't forget you as you have been on all the photos!

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