Monday, June 25, 2012

Windy Day Planting

I love how his pocket is hanging out and how carefully hes holding the plant.
I do not know why we choose windy days to do our planting but we do!

This is not good when you get a bad case of soil in the eye or mouth.

We have learnt that lesson though and shouts of;

"Close your eyes the winds coming!"

could be heard echoing round the patio!

We had 3 different types of bedding flowers ~ geraniums,marigolds and lobelias.

It was surprising how quickly Chipmunk picked up on the names of the flowers and it was very cute to hear him say lobelia.

We talked about so many things,

shapes of leaves,size of flowers,colours of flowers,roots,packing soil around them to keep them steady,rain for their drinks,sun to make them grow strong,of and even snails!We found a sneaky young snail on the side of our bedding plant box,it was put far,far away from our precious plants!

Chipmunk did all the digging and filled all the flower pots with new compost.He got steadier with each plant pot and by the end he was getting the majority of the soil in the plant pots and not on the drive!

It was certainly a blustery bit of fresh air but after we had planted all the plants we both felt very satisfied and have kept checking them all afternoon.

Then came the clean up and believe me that was er interesting!Imagine sweeping up soil on a windy day.No sooner was it neatly piled up then whoosh in came the wind and the soil was spread all over the patio again!Not easy at all!

We had a great time though and it was good to get outside after being stuck inside for most of the week due to the wettest drought ever seen!Seriously when will this weather get a bit better?!?Perhaps for the school hols much wishful thinking there

So now we have lots of pots of flowers to tend and watch grow.

The jobs a good un!

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  1. Lovely to get the children involved in the garden, from flowers to vegetables they do love to see things grow and be involved with you. Thank you for sharing, I share your wish for the school holidays too!