Friday, June 15, 2012

A Real Swimmer!

Tonight was Chipmunks first time back at swimming since the half term break.

The class was smaller this time,only 5 children,it seemed quieter and definitely calmer.

And today Chipmunk swam beautifully.

As I keep saying to him

You are a real swimmer now!

He is using his arms more,both arms!

And he is actually getting his legs off the bottom of the pool more and not doing that hop,swim,hop move that he has been doing for ages!

I can see in his face that he is proud!We are both proud!

The teacher asked him & one girl to keep doing different things as some of the children were at a earlier stage of swimming and this made him float ten feet above the pool and this in turn made him try even harder!

Fab Stuff!

We have waited a long time for this and I can finally see lots of signs that Chipmunk is really becoming a little swimmer!

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