Friday, June 17, 2011


Last week was a bad week for spellings!

A mix up on the school website confused me & Chipmunk,then after school clubs meant I didn't get chance to check with his teacher until midweek,then we lost his reading packet so it got too today and Chipmunk hadn't even seen this weeks spellings!

School were great and he did not have to do the spelling test,he read instead,but its made me think that we are going to try hard with the spellings this week!

We started a day earlier than normal and Chipmunk was getting 5/6 right on computer practice,which was great!

I've made him a matching board too and put it on the fridge,I'm hoping that the more he looks at the words the more they will sink in.

Let's hope that with a good weeks practice he can zap next Fridays test :-) Or at least have a good try!

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