Tuesday, June 7, 2011

School Run

I love the school run!In the morning it's great to walk Chipmunk to school,he chatters away all the way there :-)

First we have a check that we've got everything;bag,sandwich box,drink,book packet.

Next we look to see if Sooty is there,then we cross the road and talk about shadows,Chipmunk loves looking at shadows and to see if they are on the road!If they
are on the road then it's a poor squashed shadow when a car comes!
It is funny because you see the shadows go on drives,hedges,walls and Chipmunk really giggles if the shadows go somewhere funny!

We always cross the road with the lollipop lady and Chipmunk will say a really polite thank you to her when we are on the other side.

Then we walk down the school drive,sometimes seeing Mr Smith the school caretaker and arrive at nursery.

And that is another story :-)

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