Monday, June 13, 2011

The Pole
This pole may not seem much but it makes me smile every time I pass it!

It all goes back to the time when Sharky was at Leas Park & we had a friend called Chloe,when they both came out of school they would run to this pole and do roley poleys over and over again.

These days I would give anything to see a little one doing that but I do appreciate the memory of the little boy who used to spin round and round and round :-) 

The pole is bit broke now and really rusty but still it makes me smile!


  1. Memories are incredibly powerful things aren't they? No better place to record them than on a blog. Thanks for linking up to #oldiesbutgoodies this week :)

    1. Hello Suzanne,yes memories are very powerful things!Isnt it funny how sights,photos and smells can trigger them!Amazing really!